If your OEM wear parts are taking a chunk out of your budget-then we may have a way to change that. We have re-engineered a variety of O.E.M. wear parts in the blow molding, aerospace, recycling and beverage industry, to name a few, that have dramatically reduced or even eliminated the need to replace the part as frequently. We have re-designed hoop assemblies in the recycling industry that has allowed them to replace individual pieces in the part instead of the entire assembly. In doing this we took a part that was replaced every 90 days to being in place for 13 months and still showing no sign of wear. One part that cost has gone from $13,000.00 a year to less than $3500.00. An IML Turret Plate for an In-Line labeler that was replaced every six months, now may last the lifetime of the equipment. To learn more call to schedule an appointment.

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We are excited about representing Galewrap, stretch wrap with the technology that outperforms the competition. Stretch wrap that is easy to apply and lets your operators consistently get maximum load integrity, with minimal effort, as well as 100% wrap usage down to the core. And if you don’t use it down to the core we will replace it. This product must be seen to believe and we are ready to come in and show it to you.
4100 Robotic Pallet Wrapper-See what you can do without hiring another employee!

Do you need a solution for your supply chain damage, temperature control monitoring and product mishandling issues? Do you have products that are sensitive to heat or cold, products that are sensitive to excessive vibrations, products that cannot withstand being mishandled by your carrier, high dollar products, denied damage claims? Or do you have a system in place that isn’t working? Answering YES to any of these might warrant a call to Intellipak to discuss cost effective systems that are being used in the food, electronics, medical, aerospace, furniture, glass, ceramic and pharmaceutical industry with success.


Building and shipping wooden crates can be labor intense, expensive and cumbersome to transport. So when we heard there was a proven alternative, we wanted our customers to know about it. Flexform is easy to assemble, easy to store, same strength as a crate but significantly lighter and less expensive to ship. You will see a dramatic reduction in labor costs, inventory costs and floor space used for storage of Flexform versus wooden crates. Most importantly your customers will receive their product intact, in a crate that is easier to unload and much easier to dismantle than a wooden crate. Call us to discuss your application and whether Flexform is right for you.

A unique corrugated packaging system that will eliminate using bulky, costly, hard to store void fill. Smart Karton can be customized to your product to create a secure, consistent package to get your product to your customer free of tampering and damage. We are available to audit you current packaging system and show you if Smart Karton will be a fit for your company.


We have a network of packaging equipment manufacturers for your individual or complete upstream and downstream packaging line requirements. The manufacturers we use have expertise in specific industries, as well as the best construction and performance available for your budget.

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