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Linking business intelligence and resources together

So how do you go about finding the right vendor for your company-that is as interested in your success and helping you achieve your goals as you are?

We hope that we have some ideas that will help you make that decision.

We started Intellipak to be the company that can bring business intelligence and the right group of resources together for each of our customers.  Having a combined 40 years of experience in packaging systems, specialty packaging products and engineered solutions, we focus on bringing the right combination of products and systems to your company and your unique set of circumstances. Our experience in the beverage, PET Bottle, blow molding, glass, perishable foods and convention industries are a small sampling of where we have had many successes we would like to bring to you.


It is just not enough to supply you a price and the same products you are currently buying. Having so many options and new products and technologies available, this is a great time to look at significant material and labor savings through better packaging systems and materials performance.  To understand those special set of circumstances we will ask a lot of questions and we are sure you will have a lot to ask us. But after the discussion is finished we will offer you those products that are available to best satisfy your requirements. If that means designing a special means to transport your product internally, finding the stretch film that will not puncture or tear so your products arrive at your customers intact, re-designing an OEM wear part, or finding a solution to your damage claims, ask us the question and we will do our best to find the right solution.


We are prepared to tackle your project. Whether that means helping you find a way to seriously cut usage on stretch film 10%, 20%, or in some cases up to 50%. Looking for a way to control, identify and hopefully eliminate damaged shipments, we have a product for that. Employees using twice as much tape as you think they should?  Well maybe we can look at different adhesive/dispensing systems that are available to control the application of tape.

Our determination and dedication doesn’t disappear after we have sold you one of our products-it is only the start on the road to becoming one of your most trusted advisors and resources. 

That takes an understanding of your industry, operations, employees, budgets and above all your concerns. We are ready for the challenge; call us today at 636-226-4132.

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