The vision we had when the company was formed was to develop a line of high performance, high quality, consistent packaging and engineered products that would meet more than just a price point. They would have to perform in a range of environments from a clean room to a corrosive environment.  The product line which now includes Galewrap, an oriented hand wrap that visibly increases load integrity and minimizes, if not eliminates shifting loads and resulting damage. Additionally it has given customers consistent yield and decreased load costs 10-30%.

Shockwatch, a way to monitor temperature, vibrations and overall mishandling of product was taken on early in 2012.  These monitors and the overall system has been a breakthrough for companies who have struggled for years to control or at least minimize damage their products sustained. One customer in the ceramics industry thought they just had to learn to live with damage on every load and no way to recoup their losses from the carrier. That has changed with our impact monitoring system. It has limited mishandling and resulting damages because there is now a chain of custody in place to identify where and when the product has been mishandled and by whom. The customer and their carriers are excited about the positive results.

It is hard for any company to be able to always meet the challenges of managing people and budgets to meet the ever changing economic conditions. So when we look at a new product it has to do a lot more than just lower the unit cost of packaging material. That is why when we looked into Flexform, an innovative way to replace wooden crates for the aerospace industry we found a proven winner. The product has superior beam strength for long flexible items and the characteristics of wood without the drawbacks. So what took hours to make now takes minutes, the nightmare of storage and inventory has been cut 50-75%, in floor space and SKU’s and the versatility of one size handling multiple products and the product reaching its destination intact and damage free are just a few of the positive results you will have.

A world of opportunity opened up for us to help our customers with OEM wear parts issues. The wear parts in the blow molding, glass, recycling and aerospace industries are just a few that we have tackled. We re-engineered hoop assemblies in the recycling industry so that instead of changing the whole assembly every 90 days, we have parts that have been in place for 13 months and are showing no signs of wear. Not only has the performance been beyond the customers’ expectation, our new design allows them to replace the problem part on the assembly as opposed to the entire assembly.  The blow molding industry is another example of high parts consumption. The in line labeler has an IML Turret Plate that was being replaced every 6 months and was a given that it would be replaced as needed. Well through a re-design of the part and a change in the materials the part was made of, we feel confident that this part will last longer than the labeler.

Sometimes you see one of those rare innovations in packaging that comes along and Smart Karton was that innovation. We can bring you a custom designed packaging system to eliminate the use of void fill. This corrugated box has a patented system to hold your product securely in place. The days of storing and disposing of bulky bubble wrap, loose fill and padded paper has changed. The results have been seen in the retail, pharmaceutical, health and beauty aids, auto parts and electronics industries just to name a few. Here is the chance to reduce your inventory, improve your efficiency, and make your package tamper proof and most importantly, your job easier.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and learning more about the challenges you are facing. We would like to show you what you get when you do business with Intellipak, LLC. Our combined 40 years’ experience is waiting to bring the best materials and technology to your company and add some black to your bottom line.

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