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Attention Blow Molders-Do you use Name Brand Spin Knives?

Attention Blow Molders-Do you use Name Brand Spin Knives?

You know those expensive spin knives you are currently using? Do you find yourself replacing them more often than you would like? Do you need to have better control over your monthly budget? Well Intellipak, LLC has a solution.  We have taken those name brand spin knives and made them better and NOT more expensive. We evaluated the material and process in making those spin knives and tweaked them to give you  2-3 times more life to that part. And in doing so have made a dent in cost for you , so you can use those savings in other areas of production and maintenance.

Having had the chance to improve on the quality and wear of the spin knife, we started working on other parts like sleever diaphragms, turret plates, in mold labeler parts, sleever parts, doctor blades and more.

Intellipak understands that we have a big responsibility when it comes to spending our customers money. So we want to make sure you get a better quality part that means better performance and a cost that will make your budget stay on track.

We  look forward to talking with you about your current issues and maybe just discuss the options that are available for keeping your parts budget under control. Please call us at 636-226-4132 for an opportunity to discuss your concerns.

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