Auto Tech Spin Knives

In an effort to get into a very major blow molder we had tried a lot of different approaches to get their attention and let us show them what Intellipak was capable of doing on their overall OEM Wear Parts budget.

Finally we get the opportunity to  speak to the Maintenance Manager.  We tried to uncover any issues they may be having with the parts when they need to be replaced. It appeared that they had a lot of wear and chipping issues with their spin knives. They were replacing them almost every 3-4 weeks. So we decided to re-engineer the knives and see if we could give them a better knife that increased the life of that part. As it turned out we increased the life on the spin knives to 90 days, or more in some environments, as well as being able to re-sharpen the knives one time. With those tweaks in the process this company dropped their spin knife budget almost 40%.

Intellipak would certainly be excited to help you uncover some savings that you may not have been aware of in your OEM wear parts area. Call us at 636-226-4132 and we can have a conversation with you about where you think you might be able to do better, but maybe are not sure what the best plan to get there is.

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