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Better Pricing on Stretchwrap From Your Vendor-May Not Be Right for You

Better Pricing on Stretchwrap From Your Vendor-May Not Be Right for You

“We need better pricing on our hand wrap”, “We are over budget on packaging costs”, “ How can we reduce our stretch film costs?” “We have to cut our budget by 10%.” Do these statements sound familiar?

The plant manager, operations manager, warehouse manager is always interested in reducing the budget on stretch film. In turn, they squeeze their vendors for better pricing on stretch film and usually only save a few pennies. If you are using a significant amount of hand wrap and want to really save money long term, we have the answer for you.
We recently had a large customer who was asking for better pricing on hand wrap because the owner of the company wanted to reduce costs. We met with the customer and felt we could save him some on his cost per roll. Even though there were savings of over $4100 per year, we really felt he could do better. We proposed to the customer that if he really wanted to save money long term, and control the amount of stretch film he was using, then a stretch wrap machine would be the way to go. After putting together a cost analysis for him, we estimated that he could reduce his film costs by $44,000 per year if he would consider buying a stretch wrap machine. The payback on one machine on one machine was less than 6 months. He is now presenting his results to the owner.
Please give Melanie Barnett a call at 314-406-3916 to discuss you particular needs and what Intellipak can do for your company. Take a look at the video on the Phoenix Wrapper. We sell a complete line of semi-automatic and automatic equipment.

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