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Take a bite out of tape costs

Take a bite out of tape costs

Specialty tape products have long been driven by name recognition, consistent quality and performance. There is one company that leads the field in quality, consistency and price. So we would like to share a story of the customer who was always loyal to that brand and had always been more than satisfied with the way the tape worked in their application.

We received a call from a printer who needed to get pricing from Intellipak on a UHMW-PE tape that they have used for years in a low friction, non-stick application. We gladly furnished them pricing on what they requested, but since this tape was so expensive, we felt that offering a viable alternative was part of what we do for our customer. The manufacturer we selected had long been taking a bite out of the competition and had been doing it very successfully. We suggested to the customer, that if this tape sounded like a good alternative, they sample some of the material to make sure it performed in there application and there were no unforeseen problems.

The customer sampled the tape and as it turned out they liked the way it worked. They ordered the new tape and not only did it work as well as the name brand, it reduced their cost by 56%. This is a great example of how the customer was truly open to trying products that might not be a household name, but have the track record of quality and performance that is important in those critical applications. Intellipak will help you find these cost saving options and the best tape for your specific application.

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