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Your stretch wrap line is down and the manufacturer doesn’t stock your part

Your stretch wrap line is down and the manufacturer doesn’t stock your part

As happens quite often customers purchase their packaging equipment, like automatic stretch wrappers directly from the manufacturer. Now the good thing is they are going direct to the person that made them, but the bad thing is when the parts that typically wear, like belts, fail, the customer’s line shuts down and production stops. And the last thing a customer needs to hear, from the manufacturer,  is there is going to be a two week lead-time on that part.

So recently we got a call from a major beverage manufacturer, in the middle of their busiest season-summer who of all things called the manufacturer for an OEM wear part that they didn’t even keep in stock. So the customer calls us, explains the situation and asks if there is any way we can help.  We said we would get to work on it immediately and see what we could do. So you can imagine what happens if one of the lines in a beverage plant is shut down, it is very big deal-so we understood the gravity of the situation. We got the specifications on the part, the stretch wrapper model and got to work.

Not only did we get the belt they needed, but we got it to them the next day before 10:00 AM. Intellipak always wants to do the best we can for our customers, so we work hard to have the right people in place to make things happen. Please give us a call the next time you have an OEM Wear Parts issue. You can reach us at 636-226-4132.


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